About Val Vandervort

Val’s passion for giving back makes all the difference in her life and she is certain that it’s the foundation of her successful career in real estate.  For Val, real estate is first and foremost just another method of helping others.  That’s why she donates 5% of every commission to the charity of her clients’ choice.

Val’s passion for positively impacting lives began at an early age as she grew up with parents who stressed volunteering and charitable contributions.  Her father often worked at a free clinic as a pharmacist and her mother participated in programs for the elderly and in hunger walks. So when Val grew older, she followed suit. Besides working on building homes through Habitat for Humanity she also worked volunteered at a soup kitchen.

Val’s commitment to helping others led her to her first career – teaching.  After she received her Master degree in education, she began working as a high school science teacher.  For this respected business woman, teaching was just another method of positively impacting others.  After leaving teaching, Val went on to the biotech field where she worked for a leading company in genome research.

As a mother of young children, Val is working on instilling in her children the same values that her parents instilled in her.  When not working in the real estate world, Val and her husband, Waqar like to get out to local parks or over the hill to the ocean with their 3 kids, Ravi, and twins Lara and Zan.

Val understands that buying or selling a house is a truly personal investment, which is why she takes the extra time to ensure her clients are fully apprised of the ramifications and benefits of any contract they sign.

As one of the leading professionals in the San Carlos community, Val uses her years of experience in real estate to help you hone in on the issues that are most important in your specific real estate transaction.   If you want to make a difference in your next real estate transaction, email or call Val Vandervort at Val@ValVandervort.com or 650-740-6025.