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Totally Remodeled Bungalow in the Alder Manor Area of San Carlos

Posted on 21 March 2011 by vvandervort

Welcome to 115 De Anza Avenue in the Alder Manor area of San Carlos!  If you are looking for a home that you can move right into, this definitely fits into that category of homes.  Rarely do we have homes come on the market that are this completely updated.

This home is just a little over a mile walk to Laurel Street in San Carlos.

One of the highlights of 115 De Anza is the gorgeous kitchen.

It features custom dark cabinetry accented by sleek casearstone quartz countertops and dark slate tile floors.  All of the appliances are stainless steel, including the Wolf gas range with center grilling area.  The kitchen opens to a dining area and family room area.  A table built to match the kitchen countertop is included in the sale.  Surrounding the table are built-in benches that have a large amount of storage under them.  In the dining area there is additional cabinetry that provides an amazing amount of storage, with one cabinet built for a flat screen television which can be closed off to conceal the television.  Beyond the dining area is an additional space that could be used as a family room area or reading nook.   A skylight in this area provides amazing natural light along with the Andersen sliding door out to the backyard.

The backyard is easily access from either the family room area or the master suite.  The layout of the backyard was thoughtfully designed with a plantings area between the patio area off the family room area and the one off the master suite to create  2 separate patio areas.  In addition to the paver patio spaces, there is a grassy area, and flower beds around the perimeter of the yard.  The backyard is fully fenced and has a spacious 2-car garage with additional overhead storage.

The living room at 115 De Anza is rather large and if desired, can be organized into two different sitting areas.  The recessed lighting and large window at the front provide excellent light.  Hardwood floor and a fireplace with beautiful wood mantle graces the room.

The master bedroom has an attached bathroom and Andersen sliding door that opens to the backyard.  The closet has a modular organizer system.

The master bathroom was remodeled in 2007 and is beautifully designed.  Travertine tile was used on the floor.  The vanity includes custom cherry cabinetry and a stylish rectangular sink with a faucet that is wall mounted.  The mirror is a medicine cabinet, providing additional storage.  The bathtub is a Kohler and has a rain-style shower head.  A neat red tile accent at the top of the tile surround gives the room additional panache.

The hallway bath at 115 De Anza is also fully remodeled and has such a cool style.  The countertop is made of a concrete composite and has a round stainless steel sink.  There is a built-in towel bar into the countertop.  The cherry cabinetry has metal detailing around the edges.  A green tile accent gives flair and contrast to the dark tile bath surround and floor.

In addition to the beautiful updates at 115 De Anza, there are many improvements to the home that can be seen… there is air conditioning, a tankless water heater, the interior doors are solid-core, and the landscaping includes a drainage system.  The roof was replaced in 2003 and the sewer line was replaced in 2004.  When the buyer gets the keys to this home, they will not have to be doing home improvement projects and will just be able to relax and enjoy their new home!

Offered at $849,000

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Price per Square Foot in San Carlos:A Look at 4 New Listings

Posted on 15 March 2010 by vvandervort

house in grocery cartOn Saturday, I wrote a post about the price per square foot in San Carlos for 3+ bedroom/2+ bathroom homes that sold under $950,000 in the last year.  Right at that same time, 4 new listings came up in San Carlos that give us the opportunity to compare their price per square foot to the averages I calculated for the last year.   You’ll need to read the previous post to get the most out of this one.

First off, there was some glitch in my Excel spreadsheet for my price per square foot calculations in San Carlos, so I now have new price per square foot numbers for the MLS areas in San Carlos compared to Saturday’s post.  The updated price per square foot numbers are below.  Remember, these are only for 3+/2+ homes that sold below $950,000.  For the rest of this post, when I refer to the average number, it is always the average for 3+/2+ homes that sold below $950,000.

Area 350 should be $544 per square foot.
Area 351 should be $481 per square foot.
Area 352 should be $526 per square foot.
Area 353 should be $574 per square foot.
Area 354 – this area was not looked at because the client I did these calculations for does not want the east side of San Carlos
Area 355 should be $463 per square foot.

In Area 350 (Alder Manor) we had 388 De Anza Ave come up priced at $899,000.  Based on the average, it should be priced at $783,510 (1470 sq. ft. x $544 per sq. ft).  However, it is priced at $612 per square foot.  The highest price per square foot in that area in the last year for a 3+/2+ home under $950,000 was $706 for 11 Gaylord Ct.

We didn’t get a 3/2 listed in Area 351 in San Carlos this last week, so I won’t look at anything there.

In Area 352 (White Oaks), 1423 Cordilleras Ave got listed.  Although this is listed above the $950,000 range that I looked at for these price per square foot numbers, I’m still going to analyze this one because it is close enough.   1423 Cordilleras Ave is listed at $989,516 and is 1620 sq. ft.  That breaks down to $611 per square foot.  Using the average from the last year of $526, then its value would be at $852,120.  It is not going to sell that low, which is a testament to where the market is at right now (um, that’d be appreciating).  However, I don’t think it should sell that high either.   The highest price per square foot in White Oaks in the last year for a 3+/2+ that sold under $950,000 was 88 Hilltop Drive at $668 per square foot.

In Area 353 (Howard Park) we have a rare gem in the Lyon & Hoag area – 908 Rosewood Ave.  This home is priced at $988,000.  Calculating the price per square foot is a little less clear cut because the MLS shows it as a 1500 sq. ft. home, but it is shown in the county record as being 1370 sq. ft.  My understanding from the listing agent is that the downstairs bedroom and bathroom were done with permits and should be in the square footage.  Sometimes the county record doesn’t get that updated.  I’m going to work with the 1500 sq. ft. number and therefore the price per square foot is $659.  If you used the average for that area in the last year that I calculated ($570 per square foot), then the house should have a value of $855,000.  That number is totally off though because there is no better location than that and the character of that home is amazing.  At yesterday’s buzzing open house, you could actually see buyers standing out front imagining it being their home in a month’s time.  (Did I mention that it is an appreciating market???).  The highest price per square foot in Area 353 in the last year for a 3+/2+ selling below $950,000 was $667 for 665 Cordilleras Ave.   

The last area I’ll make a comparison for is Area 355 (Cordes).  172 Lyndhurst Ave got listed at $899,888.  It is 1660 sq. ft, making it offered at $542 per square foot.  If we look at the average for the last year of $449, it would be priced at $745,340 – which again, it is a no brainer that it will have no difficulty selling above that and no problem at the list price either.  The highest price per square foot in that area in the last year for a 3+/2+ below $950,000 was $610 for 259 Vine St. 

Just a little FYI… the highest price per square foot numbers that were acheived in these areas in the last year were homes that were in the 1200/1300 sq. ft. range and that size home is always the one that will sell for the highest price per square foot.

This exercise seems worthless because the numbers don’t work out, but I think what can be gained from it, is that the numbers for price per square foot from last year are no longer applicable.  Remember your basic economics of supply and demand?  Looking back at the last year – especially 12 months ago, we were big on supply and low on demand.  The tables have turned! 

That’s it for today from Val, the San Carlos Data Gal.  Want more data?  Call Val at 650-740-6025.
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San Carlos Price Per Square Foot Data

Posted on 13 March 2010 by vvandervort

Price per square foot in San CarlosI did some pretty specific searching to gather information about price per square foot in San Carlos for a client in particular and thought it’d be worthwhile sharing with my readers. 

When I first start working with buyers, I take them on “The Grand Tour” and show them the neighborhoods in their price range.   To prepare for the tour, I pull up everything in their price range (and go slightly higher) that has been on the market in the past year and then we drive by the neighborhoods and discuss specific properties that have sold so they start to get a feel of what price they are looking at in the neighborhoods they like.  These particular buyers want a 3+ bedroom, 2+ bathroom house and aren’t all that concerned with the size of the house so far or the size of the lot.  They want to buy below $925,000, so I pulled everything up to $950,000.  They also do not want the east side of San Carlos, so I left that area out. 

So for the last year, here is the price per square foot in San Carlos for the 4 MLS areas (San Carlos has 5 MLS areas) that are on the west side when you look at 3+ bedroom, 2+ bathroom houses that sold under $950,000.

This link will take you to a map of the MLS areas in San Carlos that I will discuss below.

MLS Area 350
(Alder Manor, Country Court, Laurel Terrace, San Carlos Estates)
13 sales in my search parameter in this area in the last year
Average sales price  = $841,712
Average price per square foot = $533

MLS Area 351
(Beverly Terrace, Brittan Acres, Devonshire Estates, San Carlos Estates, Sunset Highlands, Brittan Heights)
21 sales in my search parameter in this area in the last year
Average sales price = $841,193
Average price per square foot = $470

MLS Area 352
(White Oaks, El Sereno Corte, Gover Oaks, St Francis Park)
24 sales in my search parameter in this area in the last year
Average sales price = $867,342
Average price per square foot = $515

MLS Area 353
(Howard Park, Lyon & Hoag, Oak Park, Sunset Highlands #2)
6 sales in my search parameter in this area in the last year
Average sales price = $835,667 
Average price per square foot = $570

MLS Area 355
(Cordes, Garden Terrace, Greenberg, San Carlos Park, Spring Valley Estates)
23 sales in my search parameter in this area in the last year
Average sales price = $775,520
Average price per square foot = $449

I don’t really see anything surprising in the data that I can make profound comments about.  I guess just one comment about how the White Oaks area of San Carlos has been so popular over the years, but I personally think the Howard Park area of San Carlos is the most desirable because of its great location relative to downtown San Carlos and Burton Park, and it is the Howard Park area of San Carlos that has the higest price per square foot. 

That’s it for now from Val, The San Carlos Data Gal!  Need more data?  Call Val!
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