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The *Real* San Carlos Schools Test Scores

Posted on 10 February 2010 by vvandervort

San Carlos Test Scores

This morning the San Carlos Educational Foundation (of which I’m a proud Sponsor of) put on a presentation to the Realtor community and included this exceptionally informative slide of San Carlos schools test scores. You can click on the image to get a larger version of it.  The San Carlos Real Estate Blog may be the only place you can get this information because the San Carlos school district is uncomfortable posting this information, which I can certainly understand.  What they did in order to get this data was to only use the test scores of those students who live in San Carlos and those that are “typical” (meaning not special ed).  This takes out students who come into San Carlos for schooling from other cities anywhere in the Bay Area and also those that are in the special ed program.

Let’s look at what the API scores of Arundel, Brittan Acres, Heather, and White Oaks are that include the entire student body.

Arundel – 917

Brittan Acres – 907

Heather – 861

White Oaks – 913

Now when you look at the scores of just the “typical” San Carlos resident students, you get these numbers:

Arundel – 933

Brittan Acres – 929

Heather – 929

White Oaks – 930

Where you see the largest difference in scores between the entire student body and the “filtered” student body is at Heather Elementary and that is where English as a Second Language students go and most of that population is not residing here in San Carlos.

Here’s what Craig Baker, the superintendent of the San Carlos schools, pointed out about this data.  First, the difference between the numbers of the various schools when you look at just the San Carlos residents is insignificant.  The difference between the highest score (933) and the lowest (929) is only 4 and that does not make for a statistically different test score (remember the good old days of statistics class?).  Second, if people have a concern that by sending their child to Heather Elementary, that the child will not do as well, that fear is unfounded.

I have stated before on my blog and here’s a great opportunity to say it again… San Carlos is one lucky and desirable city because if there is not room for you in your nearest school and you do end up having to go to another school in the district, you are going to get another phenomenal school.  This cannot be said of our neighboring cities.

This information needs to get out around our community so that people stop spreading the myth that one school is better than another here in San Carlos and quite specifically, that Heather Elementary is a less desirable school.  Please forward this to others in our community to learn from.

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