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San Carlos’ Real Estate Absorption Rates for Week ending 11/22/09

Posted on 22 November 2009 by vvandervort

Amazing!  We are down to 36 single family homes on the market in San Carlos.  This is what happens at this time of the year, some buyers continue to take advantage of the market and then very few sellers actually put their house on the market at this time of year, so no new homes get added into the inventory.  The difference between this year and last is remarkable.  We were at exactly double the inventory last year with 72 homes.  That’s because last year, no one was buying and sellers were putting their homes on the market and the inventory just kept piling up.

Here’s what listed this week:

  Street Address List Price 1 Beds Baths Bldg SqFt Lot Size Range Age City Class Status MLS Num
60 HARTFORD AV $1,150,000 3 2 1,570 SqFt 6,500+ to 8,000 SqFt 53 San Carlos 1 80954516
1349 BRITTAN AV $759,000 3 1 1,360 SqFt 4,500+ to 6,500 SqFt 62 San Carlos 1 80953734

Under status, you can see that 1349 Brittan Av already went pending.

Here’s what sold this week:

  Street Address List Price 1 Beds Baths Bldg SqFt Lot Size Range Age City Class Status MLS Num
138 QUEENS CT $2,798,000 3 4 (3/1) 4,199 SqFt .5+ to 1 Acre 4 San Carlos 1 80928436
21 ANCHOR LN $1,099,000 5 5 (3/2) 3,090 SqFt 8,000+ SqFt to .25 Acre 44 San Carlos 1 80951525
2043 SAINT FRANCIS WY $899,000 3 2 1,493 SqFt 1 to 4,500 SqFt 62 San Carlos 1 80952581
1349 BRITTAN AV $759,000 3 1 1,360 SqFt 4,500+ to 6,500 SqFt 62 San Carlos 1 80953734
1962 SAN CARLOS AV $639,900 3 1 1,260 SqFt 4,500+ to 6,500 SqFt 59 San Carlos 1 80952290

Fantastic that 138 Queens Ct sold!  The high end market is moving slowly in all the cities, so it is reassuring when we see a high end home in San Carlos sell.  Btw, that is a PHENOMENAL home – just had a special feel to it. 

If you have any questions about the data you are seeing here, you know who to call!

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What San Carlos Sellers Don’t Know

Posted on 18 November 2009 by vvandervort

One of my biggest issues in the world of real estate is consumer education so I’m doing my best to educate sellers and buyers of real estate in San Carlos and beyond.  Most buyers and sellers don’t know what they don’t know and I’m focused on educating as many consumers as possible.  Today’s focus is on home sellers.

When you put your house on the market, your agent should have it on “Brokers’ Tour”.   There might be some circumstances where you wouldn’t want that, but that would be rare.   This tour occurs on Tuesdays from 9:30am to 1:30pm.  When we put listings into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), there are MANY fields to fill out.  Some agents actually fill them out, some don’t.  And some fields are more important than others. 

I’m always baffled by the agents who don’t fill out the tour comments.  The image I’m including shows a page from the San Mateo Association of Realtors’ Brokers’ Tour sheet and it shows the San Carlos section of it.  I have blacked out addresses, MLS #s, and Agent details.  You can see where the descriptions/tour comments are and I’ve made a few comments.  I always hate to be disparaging, but come on!  How difficult is it for agents to put something in that will draw in as many agents as possible?   Make sure you are working with an agent who is doing everything they should be doing to maximize your sale.  Stay tuned for more consumer education for you San Carlos sellers and if you can’t wait, just contact me!

SAMCAR tour sheet example

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